Prototype done – PO getting closer


Prototype done – PO getting closer

Product-Trailer and production pictures are now done!

We had a great day with our friend and new Team Member Sergio Herencias. Since DREDD is our first released statue, we all had to improvise a bit but the final result is stunning. We can’t wait to show you the official Product-Trailer, which we are really proud of. We used some aladdin-rgb lights and a RED Digital Cinema for our trailer.

Thank you Sergio for your excellent work. It was a real pleasure to work with you on that trailer, you captured all importent details on DREDD and were all eyes and ears during the production – we couldn’t be happier.

image desctiption

Once the Product-Trailer is out, you should definitely watch it on a TV with a good soundsystem!

The Shop is disabled until the pre-order launch / please feel free to register your member-account / customers from the supporter PO will get contacted by mail as well.

Thank you!

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