Judge Dredd - quality control


Judge Dredd - quality control

Quality Control!

We are in the final stage of quality control. We plan to ship out JUDGE DREDD before the CNY (chinese new year). There is still much to do and sadly cause Covid-19, it was not possible to do the QC myself. On the first day of the QC we found some issues which we are fixing now, still there are more days left to check all statues before we start shipping them. All payments must be made before the CNY starts, if you have a ongoing payment plan which is longer then that, we start shipping your order after the CNY.

All buyers will be contacted by mail or messenger with instructions for the pending payments and how we proceed with the shipping costs. If you can't log-in on our new site please register your member-account (as a new customer). I will then add your order manually (made on the old site) to your account with the pending payment.

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We still have some Statues left, you can order them directly on our website: www.q-collectibles.ch


Thank you!

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